Why We Will Have 3D Print Shops…Soon

This article from Jon Evans on TechCrunch does a great job of explaining why printers should be thinking about how and when they will offer 3D printing capabilities. To quote Mr. Evans, “3D printing is going to be too important to be a home-hobbyist endeavour: instead it will explode from a hacker novelty to a fundamental part of our collective economic infrastructure.”

While we don’t agree that there is no place for home 3D printing – there is, we think that like 2D printing, there will be different output workflows for different needs. 3D web-to-print and home 3D printing will continue to grow, but there will also be applications that require consultation with an expert and advanced finishing capabilities – services that traditional print shops provide today.

Traditional printing companies have an opportunity to participate and benefit from this emerging technology. If you’d like more information on 3D printing and how you can incorporate it as a capability, CONTACT US today.


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