3D Device Prints In and On Paper

3D Printed Paper

We recently shared our take on why 2D is like 3D printingWhile we conceded that the devices themselves are different, we made the argument that the process of printing in two or three dimensions is essentially the same:

File is created >> File is sent to print device >>

File is printed >> Item is finished (bindery/decoration)

We also made the point that like 2D printing, the 3D printing market will eventually service customers at home (via desktop printers), online (via web-to-print) and at retail (via 3D print shops.) The retail channel has yet to be developed and we think this represents a huge opportunity for traditional printers, print franchises, big box office supply stores, and shipping companies like FedEx and UPS.

One of the objections raised by some in these markets is that the substrates and consumables used in 3D are too dissimilar from those used in traditional printing.

We recently read about a 3D printer that really blurs the line between the two technologies. This particular device,  the Matrix 3D Printer from Mcor Technologies, prints by slicing and applying layers of regular old copy paper to build the object in three dimensions. Now Mcor is working a new version, which it calls Iris, that not only “prints,” but also decorates the objects inline, in color using a digital printing technology (inkjet is our guess.)

For more, check out the link or their video:

It’s a device that prints in paper and on paper! Just take care to keep your new object dry, or you could end up with a very expensive spit ball.

Traditional printing companies have an opportunity to participate and benefit from these emerging technologies and 3D4Printers.com is dedicated to helping printers keep an eye on this exciting market. Want to learn more about 3D printing and how to add the capability at your company? CONTACT US today.


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