Where Will Makers Go For 3D Printing?

Atom 3D Printed Guitar

There’s a lot of debate right now about where we’ll all be printing in 3D. One one hand, you have those who believe we’ll 3D print from home. On the other you have those who predict we’ll order prints from websites or a local 3D print shop.

Now we’re asking you…do you think we’ll all have 3D printers or will we pay someone else to print our 3D objects?


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One response to “Where Will Makers Go For 3D Printing?”

  1. Bill Gustafson says :

    People talk about printing things like screws. That requires strength and resolution. 3D-printing will be like 2D printing. Home printer to mathc your ability and shops (and on-line) to do the fancier stuff.

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