About Us

Over the past few years I’ve been watching the development of 3D printing and recently came to two important conclusions:
  1. 3D printing is like 2D printing (the production processes are similar and both are being sold and produced online, at retail, and in-home via desktop devices)
  2. 2D printers could create a future for their businesses by offering 3D print

I looked around and didn’t see many people talking about this idea, so I started this blog to help evangelize 3D print in the 2D print world. 3D4printers.com was launched in October, 2012 and so far has been an early success. The site has been well received and one of the articles first appearing here  was recently published on TechCrunch.

3D4Printers.com is owned and operated by my company, Crowd Hydrant.

crowd hydrant

Crowd Hydrant helps startups and entrepreneurs leverage crowdfunding for financing and to create exposure for their products and services. The firm also helps businesses use crowdsourcing to drive innovation and reduce the cost of labor-intensive processes. Crowd Hydrant works with its customers to develop the project, pitch and rewards for these initiatives. It also provides logistical support, helping clients deliver on the promises made to their crowd.

At first, it seemed that these might be totally different enterprises with different audiences. Then 3D printing discovered crowdfunding. In the last 6 months, many 3D printing projects have been successfully funded on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other sites. It’s clear to me now that crowdfunding and 3D printing can support one another. Together they’re allowing makers to more quickly innovate in many fields, including healthcare, the fine arts, and hardware manufacturing. Applications for 3D printing, funded by the crowd-based initiatives seem limitless.

If you’d like to learn more about Crowd Hydrant, please visit us on the web at CrowdHydrant.com. You can also contact me directly at info@3D4printers.com.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Warmest regards-

John Hauer



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