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How 3D Printing Could Save an Industry

Yesterday I read a piece from Marc Lefton in AG Beat, entitled “How to Take Advantage of Print Media While They Still Exist.” I was struck by a number of thoughts. First, I thought how inflamatory the title would have been even a couple of years ago. Second, as I read into it, found myself questioning Mr. Lefton’s assertion that businesses can get a better rate of return by advertising in local newspapers than online – been there tried that, and didn’t like the result.

The biggest chord struck for me in the article though, was his explanation of the “Newspaper Business Plan.” It imagines someone pitching the concept and current process of publishing and distributing a newspaper to venture capital.

“Our plan is to take yesterday’s news, quickly create a beautiful “layout” with computer software and designers working day and night, then print millions of copies overnight in a huge printing plant using millions of dollars in equipment. We’ll then send these “newspapers” to distribution points all around the city. From there, we will utilize an army thirteen-year-old boys on bicycles who will distribute the newspapers door to door in their neighborhood after school in exchange for gratuities from our customers so they can go buy Topps baseball cards, Silly String, and Now-N-Laters. And we’ll support the whole thing with advertising. We think printing last week’s help wanted ads and apartment listings will be a surefire revenue driver!”

Don’t to forget yesterday’s sports box scores and winning lottery numbers, right?

Then I started thinking, how would this script look in another scenario? Maybe statement billing?

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3D Printed Brand Mascots

3D printed Android Figurines

Do you work with a brand that has a well known mascot? Here is a great application for 3D printing. Cubify.com is working with Google’s Android team to produce personalized Android figurines. The site allows you to fully customize your Android with 3D accessories and 2D stamps, then order a 3D printed version of your creation. Can you imagine how many passionate brand advocates would purchase one of these for their desk or office?

Since this site works on behalf of the printing industry we should also note that Cubify.com is a consumer-oriented, web-to-print site that has already produced THOUSANDS of 3D products, on demand. Sound familiar?

If you’d like more information on 3D printing and how traditional printing companies can incorporate it as a capability, CONTACT US today.